Go where your competition does not exist. Find that new angle!

What does marketing and a slinky have in common? Everything.

A unique blend of services allows me to provide communication and leadership insights to advance your mission and bring meaningful business results –

whether it is new business, boost your existing audience, increase sales through an obtainable plan.

Content informs; influences & moves people to action.

Why does content need constant updating? Audiences change constantly and because of this adaption necessary – change makes us better!

Reasons for audience change can include: consumer behavior, economic environmental changes, consistent improvement, as you company grows – your message grows, pushing status quo, technology changes, search patterns change.

I can help your business navigate
the many constant changes!

Inquisitive, Creative, Energetic Professional

Thrives at working together toward a common vision, sharing talents and experiences to make a positive difference. Ability to pivot from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies. Committed to lifelong learning, developing trust-based relationships and contributing to winning teams.

Focused, Flexible, Entrepreneurial Mindset

Understands clients and customers through strategic thinking, creative insights, business intelligence and detailed analysis. Engagements have resulted in multi-million dollar wins and profitable results, exceeding ROI-focused objectives for broad, diverse clients across many industries.

Published Author, Writer & Former Journalist

Belief that messaging must not only appeal to emotions and logic, but must motivate the reader (or viewer) to take action. Uncommon knack to distill technical, complex materials, transforming data into actionable insights, creating meaningful messages, stories and experiences.

Business Owner & Leader

Founded, merged and sold several companies. Skilled at embracing change, bridging gaps and maximizing ROI across channels. Works to achieve a company’s mission and the realization of its vision. Managed staffing and outsourcing needs. Oversaw diverse in-house and virtual teams.

Brand Champion

Innate gift to discover customers’ wants. Demonstrated history of uncovering core messages and telling compelling stories. Penetrates new and existing markets, generates leads, increases  sales, enhances brand reputation and most often, exceeds performance milestones.

What Clients & Colleagues Say

“Christina Motley drives business results and online community engagement by identifying strategic topics and writing targeted, online SEO content. Her first two blogs increased our readership and website traffic by more than 400%. She also did a great job while simultaneously Tweeting two brands from two voices, pulling it off seamlessly.”

Ronnie DuncanCEO | TimelyText

“Christina is a great strategic marketer. Her recommendations are always on-point and she knows how to communicate them to meet the needs of her clients. She is one of the few people I know, who can think both strategically and tactically at the same time. She is an A-team player and an asset to any organization.”

Evan SanchezCRM Strategist-at-Large