How Messaging Targets Specific Generations

Messaging and the written word have always been critical components of marketing campaigns. In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world where information is not only exchanged all over the world, but multiple messages reach audiences simultaneously through various channels – Twitter, email, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google +, etc. – messaging is the most critical component for a successful marketing campaign.

Many of the bestselling authors, business gurus and top social media influencers, including Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, Bill Gates and others, have said time and time again: “Content is King.” It’s never been truer.

Messages must be crafted and tailored to their intended, specific, target audiences, but they also must

• Appeal to positive emotions
• Demonstrate fact-based logic 
• Tap into customers’ value drivers
• Be specific. What do you want someone to think, feel and do?
• Include a clear Call to Action (CTA).

Different generations have different value drivers, different behavioral attributes and different ways they want to receive information. Here’s a quick chart to help you target your messages to specific generations.  



The Silent Generation

(52M; born 1925-1945; median age 71; achievers, leaders, influential, hard working)


  • Show them how far we have come together
  • Develop understanding of continuity with the past
  • Get endorsements
  • Respect and ask for their contribution

The Baby Boomers

(78M; born 1946-1964; median age 53; optimistic, moralistic, educated, team-oriented, passionate, self-developing)

  • Encourage them to take responsibility
  • Demonstrate passion and self-defining moments
  • vercome social threats

Generation X

(66M; born 1965-1979; median age 36; balanced, self-reliant, skeptical, entrepreneurial, savvy, efficient)

  • Let them be in the driver’s seat
  • Show benefits of cooperation
  • Be transparent
  • Tell family life/balanced stories

The Millennial Generation

(86M; born 1980-1996; median age 20; ambitious, authentic, collaborative, civic-minded, self-confident/vain, high energy)

  • Give back, make a difference
  • Come together; work with others (show people having fun)
  • Tell stories (social media); spotlight peer achievers

Christina Motley is a published, award-winning writer and content developer.  She has written for virtually every channel and medium. Her work has earned 200+ awards from national trade associations and peer organizations for not only creativity, but most importantly for engaging audiences and producing desired business results. Follow her on Twitter @christinamotley., connect with her on LinkedIn, or email for a free consultation.